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  • Onshore vs Offshore Outsourcing
    Let’s explore the differences and the pro’s and con’s… What is an Onshore company? Onshore companies are the most popular types of companies in the World. An Onshore company can be described as a legal entity that is incorporated in a country to operate a business within that specific border. Onshore companies are also defined as jurisdictions that have developed economies and strong financial markets. The United Kingdom, Netherlands and The United States are examples of onshore jurisdictions. Advantages of Onshore Companies: Onshore companies offer a set of advantages that are compelling to most business people. Timezone Timezone differences are… Read More »Onshore vs Offshore Outsourcing
  • What is Service Transition?
    ITIL describes it as: “ITIL Service Transition helps plan and manage the change of state of a service in its lifecycle. Managing risk for new, changed and retired services protects the production environment. This helps the business deliver value to the company and its customers.” But what does that really mean when you’re trying to explain the value of it to your boss? In the past I’ve often described it as the ‘service filler’ between all the cracks of project management or the ‘front door’ to Service Delivery. Here’s a detailed Service Transition Process:

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