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managed services
AVANA offers tailored Managed Services with enhanced customer experience as our benchmark for success.


AVANA offers a suite of Managed Services called our 3 Pillars of Support, which are designed to ensure that all aspects of your IT estate are managed and supported to the highest level.

Our three pillars of support are; Service Desk, Service Operations and Service Management.

Each service will be tailored to meet your individual requirements, putting you in control of what you need while we focus on delivering the satisfaction your customers deserve!


Service Desk

Having a professional, customer focused and highly competent “front of house” is fundamental to a successful business. 

Meeting SLAs and hitting KPIs is a given, our Service Desk offering is focused on Customer Satisfaction, here’s just some of the reasons why you should choose AVANA:

  • Mentor and Motivate – All of our agents are carefully selected to ensure they have a very high standard of technical skills and language capability. We focus on employing staff with the right balance of emotional and intellectual intelligence, then we invest and nurture them.
  • Innovation – AVANA is experienced in delivering ChatBots, Remote Assistance and Tool Integrations that not only empower our business users to self-serve but also ensure our agents have all the available information at their fingertips to succeed in their role.
  • Automation – We understand the importance of time and even the simplest of repetitive tasks can lead to operator errors, so it’s more than ‘Shift-Left’ and ‘First Contact Resolution’ it’s ‘Self-Healing’ and AI based proactive prevention.
  • Continuous Improvement – AVANA is always challenging the norm and looking for ways to improve and evolve. We take pride in understanding your business and bringing solutions to the common issues you face.
  • Training and Assessment – We all know practice makes perfect, that’s why at AVANA we continually challenge our agents to review and pass our training courses, ensuring knowledge is fresh in their minds and there’s a repeatable and consistent level of service.


The main objectives of Service Operation are to maintain business service stability through effective and efficient delivery of support. AVANA offers the following:

  • Application Management – As well as supporting your application stack, we focus on reducing your Total Cost of Ownership by managing the end-2-end lifecycle. AVANA achieves this through opportunities like application rationalisation or migration to the cloud.
  • Infrastructure Management – Managing your infrastructure is a complex part of Service Operations. When your business demand IT to be available 24*7, then you need a partner that you can trust. With AVANA managing your Infrastructure, you can focus on the initiatives that add the most value to your business.
  • Cloud Management – More and more critical business services are migrating to the cloud, AVANA provides a comprehensive Cloud Management Service by taking full responsibility of your cloud operations and risks.
  • DevOps as a Service – AVANA can deliver the right tools & services to build, test, and run your deployment processes in the cloud, effectively making continuous delivery a managed service.

Service Operations

The heartbeat of any support team is Service Operations. 
From Application and Infrastructure Support to Cloud Services – AVANA will build the right teams to suit your needs.

Included in Service Operations is:

  • Access Management
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Event Management
  • Simplification & Automation


Service Management

People and Processes are the foundation of any successful function.  Service Management brings these two elements together. AVANA will deliver a tailored package to meet your business requirements.

Included in Service Management is:

  • ITIL Process Management
  • Asset Management
  • Risk and Governance
  • Service Performance
  • Tool Management

AVANA are experienced in delivering a mature and efficient Service Management framework. The key features of our managed service are:

  • Business & IT Reporting – Keeping your business aware through effective stakeholder management builds trust and alignment. Providing accurate and compelling data empowers your business to make informed decisions.
  • Governance & Control – With effective governance and control your Services are delivered consistently, repeatedly and predictably resulting in a more reliable service to your customers.
  • Continuous Service Improvement – Taking a more holistic view of the support service, our Service Management offering unlocks the potential of your Shared Services by empowering teams to share knowledge and ideas to continually improve.
  • Tool Management – To realise the benefit of any Service Management function you need a toolset that is integrated with your Shared Services processes and designed around your users. AVANA know exactly what it takes to build and run a successful Service Management toolset, along with driving user adoption and self-service by your customers.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values

Thought Leadership

Through understanding your business AVANA will provide the strategic solutions to drive value.

Value Driven Solutions

Using the latest technologies and trends we deliver solutions that release the potential of your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The customer is at the forefront of everything we do.

AVANA Services

To be the competitive advantage for your business by providing best in class solutions.

AVANA Services Limited