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AVANA design and deliver your Transformation, allowing you to focus on what you do best...


AVANA offers a suite of Transformation services called our 5 Stages of Transformation, which are designed to reshape your business.

The 5 stages have been designed to maximise the investment in your Transformation journey.

Our Transformation services will be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

5 Stages of Transformation

1. Assessment

The transformation journey always starts with a comprehensive assessment of your current environment and then we work with you to develop an improvement plan.

2. Strategy

We look at your business strategy and help you build and manage your strategy. This would cover technology and organisation direction.

3. Design

Our design stage is the really fun part where we work with you to design everything for your Centre Office from the technology stack, processes & organisation.

4. Deliver

Through a well structured delivery methodology we look to deliver the changes designed with you from back at the assessment stage right to the design stage.

5. Run

Our last stage of the journey then looks at the longest part of it – the run. AVANA prides itself on it’s Managed Service capability, taking care of your services from edge to edge!

Everything that AVANA delivers is underpinned by our 3 core values…

Thought Leadership

Through understanding your business AVANA will provide the strategic solutions to drive value.

Value Driven Solutions

Using the latest technologies and trends we deliver solutions that release the potential of your business.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The customer is at the forefront of everything we do.

AVANA Services

To be the competitive advantage for your business by providing best in class solutions.

Contact AVANA today to see how we can improve your capability by transforming your Business Services.

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